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What is Divorce Mediation?

December 9, 2014

what is divorce mediation 1Divorce can be caused by many different reasons and is a hard event in anyone’s life. It doesn’t always however have to be a wrestling match lasting for months in a court. A divorce mediator is a neutral third party that can work with you and your spouse on ending your marriage harmoniously and can help to deal with the circumstances that come with divorce.

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Understanding Divorce and Divorce Laws in the US

November 23, 2015

Marriage is among the most rewarding experiences in a person’s life, but to file for divorce can be daunting and detrimental. It causes tension between both parties and their families. It can take a major toll on all individuals involved and have an effect on each lifestyle. And when there are children involved, it can have a major effect on them physically, mentally, and emotionally.

divorce-619195_640Divorce is the end of a union, canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the bonds and matrimony between the parties. The legal process for divorce may also involve issues of spousal support, child custody, and support, distribution of property and division of debt.

When children are involved in divorce, just that issue alone can take a long process to resolve. At times, the consequences of divorce place a burden on the children who can also result in the decline of school work and the lack of interest and enthusiasm in everyday activities. When this happens, divorce support and divorce advice could also come from a school counselor amongst other qualified professionals. Talking about divorce with an expert can help them cope because the effects of divorce can be unhealthy, and can cause both emotional and psychological turmoil. They may appear or become distant to one or both parents. Because of the effects of divorce has on children can also place an emotional guilt on the parents.

About Divorce and Its Common Reasons:

No one knows what the cause of filing for a divorce may be. According to an annual study done in the U.S. by consultant Grant Thorton, estimates that the proximal causes of divorce based on surveys of matrimonial lawyers posits adultery; extramarital sex, and infidelity as being 27% of the reason for divorce. Domestic violence was 17%, the midlife crisis was 13%, addictions such as alcoholism and gambling was 6%, and workaholism was also 6%. The divorce rates, or statistics in the U.S., is said to be from the early age onset of people deciding to become married. It is also surmised that because one is not mature enough to understand what the married life is about when marrying at a young age, the divorce rates in the U.S. will continue to increase.

When going through a divorce, divorce support is strongly advised. This can be from family members or close family friends, who one could talk to. Also, a third party such as a lawyer is great to intervene to help both parties come to an agreement for the children if such are involved. It is not easy discussing to children about divorce, but more importantly they need to know why their parents have come to this final decision. Divorce advice may be also beneficial in that it may also help aid the children with coping with the divorce.

Considering The Final Step of Divorce:

couple-983961_1280While most individuals decide to start dating after divorce court, others may find it difficult to “move on” after a tragic loss. Some also do not want to seem as if they are “moving on” too fast following a divorce. Dating after divorce court for the sake of the children, if in their custody, be sure that their feelings and emotions have easily subsided, before bringing a “new” individual into the home to prevent confusion. Individuals that file for divorce may wish to try to reconcile their differences before taking the last resort. All in all, it is important to seek divorce advice from divorce professional if the family can not involve themselves for the sake of the children. Children of divorce also want to have a chance in life to become successful without the hassle of knowing their parents are not together any longer.

Divorce and Property Laws in the US:

Although all states have some minor differences in their divorce and property laws, there are many similarities and rules that are applicable in general to all couples. Therefore, if you read on to seek the divorce laws.

Divorce Laws:

In the United States, divorce laws are made on a state level and, therefore, these laws may vary from state to state. The differences in the state laws are based on the residential requirements for filing for divorce, the grounds from which divorce is filed for and also the rules for the division of property and the custody of children. However, the similarities in divorce laws among most states include the fact that mostly the property is divided on an equity basis between the couple. Usually, the court divides the property as it deems fit based on a fair division policy. The rules for determining the fairness might vary among different states. This also holds for issues such as child custody or alimony and child support.

Property Laws:

Among the most debated and often talked about aspects of divorce and property laws in the US is the determination of fairness. The states may decide upon fairness while considering facts such as the comparative income of each spouse, future opportunities, and education possibilities, etc. In this case, the one who earns less might be granted more property reason being the other can make more property easily if he/she earns more.

house-961401_1280Another factor that affects the property division is the child custody. If a parent has been awarded legal guardianship of the children, the chances are he/she will also be awarded the family house as it is considered to cause less emotional influence on the children.

Regarding divorce and property laws in the US, another important aspect is the marital property and common property. If the property is mutually owned, it will be divided by the state. However, if one spouse holds legal title to the property, the state will decide accordingly. Therefore, while filing for divorce, it is best to be aware of the divorce and property laws in the US.

Sara’s Story – Divorce and Drug Addiction


divorce and drug addiction 1

The darkest part of Sara’s life, in her own words:

“The first six months of the divorce were some of the worst times of my life. I became addicted to alcohol, vicodin, and marijuana. My life was spiraling out of control. Although I kept a smile in front of my kids, my life was getting out of hand. I didn’t have a job at the time; I had applied to many but kept getting denied due to failed drug tests. It’s embarrassing when you receive phone calls on a weekly basis that tell you’ve failed another hair drug test. At this point, I needed to get help. I wasn’t going to be able to do it by myself. It started with a Google search. I landed on Drug Rehab Alliance’s website. They talk about drug addiction and how it affects people. From there, I found a local rehab center. The thought that kept me going through it all was that of my kids. I pushed through the rehab center and have been clean since that day.”

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Using Medical Marijuana to Cope With Divorce


medical marijuana to copeSome people think I am crazy to turn to marijuana after I divorced, but it helped me and that’s all that matters. I had been unhappy in the marriage for a while but hadn’t realised it. When we decided to divorce, I felt broken. I was afraid to be alone again and to lose my husband and life as I knew it. If you’re going through a divorce, make sure you both understand the mediation process.

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Facts About Divorce

December 14, 2014

facts about divorce 1The United States has one of the highest divorce rates globally. The high rate is caused by many reasons like changes in society and laws; divorce has become normal in society. Though the divorce rates are extremely high, they have slowly decreased since 1980. It may be because couples are marrying and having children later when they are more stable and mature. The average age for marriage in 1960 was 20 for women and 23 for men, now it is around 29 for men and 26 for women. Fewer people are getting married these days too as it has now become more acceptable to stay single or not to marry.

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Reclaiming My Life by Jim


divorce as a man 1Being a man can be harder to go through divorce. My wife and I had kids, so it was best for everyone that I left her the house, and I moved out. I rented a flat, and I suddenly found myself alone; poor, fat and bald. I felt like I had no chance to move on and reclaim my life. It took me over year, and it was tough, but I got there in the end.

Looking for a perspective from a woman? Read Sara’s story to learn more.

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Children and Divorce – Tips and Advice

December 10, 2014

Voice of the Child of Divorce

Divorce can be like an earthquake in the lives of children. A sudden change to their whole life as they knew it can be a shock and difficult to handle for some. A divorce can affect all children differently and will have diverse effects on young children and adolescents. Many parents believe that their children are fine with the situation and are in denial that they are suffering. It is important to put your children first whilst going through a divorce and trying to keep the whole situation as peaceful as possible is beneficial for them.

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